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Ready to Begin?

Steer empowers you to #BeTheDriver of your life and taps into your innate ability to find resiliency, peace, and motivation by driving out fear and integrate #ThoughtManagement as a way of life.


It ​is more than a coaching program; it is a way of life that guides you through life's roads, detours, and speedbumps.

​​The program is CBT/DBT based on a non-clinical approach and as a self-coaching tool. Finally the "How" to manage thoughts and emotions in an empowering way.

A program that teaches you to use your thoughts and emotions to connect to self and attain inner peace, clarity, and confidence.

At the end of the five weeks, you have:

  • Activation of an enhance self-awareness

  • The ability to attain inner-peace amidst external circumstances.

    • (with daily practice)

  • Ignited self-love and self-reflection

  • Awakened a deepened sense of compassion and acceptance towards self and others

  • Unblocked and released limiting beliefs holding you back from your full life's potential 

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