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Soul Alignment Masterclass

The Alchemy Activation

An exclusive nine-week group masterclass that invites deep introspection activating the release of your fear based story, enhancing your self-awareness giving you the clarity to align with your Soul's purpose and connect to your wholeness

Who is it for?

  • Women going through major life transitions.

  • People-pleasers, or overthinkers 

  • You feel the need to be validated by others.

  • It is hard to say "No."

  • You struggle with authenticity.

  • You are a giver and don't allow yourself to receive love and praise.

  • Uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. Arguments and conflict upset you, and you prefer to agree or retreat.

  • You feel frustrated and resentful. 

  • Feel stressed and burnout

Identifying your triggers empowers you to make conscious choices and understand not only how you think but why you think the way you do. 

It helps you attune with your body to identify the trigger before it becomes a thought and a reactionary response.

By going into a deliberate soul journey, you will connect with your spirit through your humanness, unleashing the power within you to heal and align mind, body, soul, and spirit, preparing you to be alert every time a new cycle begins in your life spiral. You will no longer at the mercy of your emotions but rather used them to fuel your journey.

During the Nine Weeks Program:

  • You will be stimulating curiosity by getting comfortable with your natural rhythms. 

  • Activating and aligning your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental being to begin co-creating and manifesting powerfully

  • Invited to leap by committing yourself to embrace wholeness

  • Activating the Kundalini energy, deepening and aligning with Mother Earth, your womb, to set on fire your passion to co-create 

  • Become the Gatherer and pay it to forward the abundance when you align with your vision and mission

  • Deep consciousness to enter into the Spiral of life to shed the old skin and renew. 

  • Start to grow deep roots so you may grow outwardly strong and abundant.

  • Recognize the beauty inside in self-love connection with your existence.

When we are transparent with our vision and mission, we are less concerned with the outward challenges we may face. We become clear with our goals, feeling confident and assertive with our decision-making.

Learn how to trust your heart desires to follow your life's mission so that you may attain the clarity and assertiveness to craft or enhance a life that is aligned with your envisioned lifestyle.

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